I started out with a Pentium III, 933 megahertz PC, two sticks of ram for half a gig and a M-Audio MIA Digital audio card that only had optical inputs. So I ran all this through a busted sampler I had bought that used zip disks to record onto the self-contained four tracker. All these channels squeezed down into one optical wire at 44.1khz into the PC that I ran old ripped off programs from from the late 90s with a 37 key midi controller with no knobs.

So as shit got way tooooo big and more programs starting coming I snuffed out a new PC that could handle the shit I was doing. Money was a factor so I built one and slapped the old sound card in. That fucking sound card for a mere 200$ busted its ass and finally crapped out on me a year ago. So yeah, that card kept on for 9 years and two computers. I am still pleased with the old lass and what an investment.

My recording space:  YA WORK WITH WHAT YOU GOT! RIGHT!


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