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April 28, 2010

I started out with a Pentium III, 933 megahertz PC, two sticks of ram for half a gig and a M-Audio MIA Digital audio card that only had optical inputs. So I ran all this through a busted sampler I had bought that used zip disks to record onto the self-contained four tracker. All these channels squeezed down into one optical wire at 44.1khz into the PC that I ran old ripped off programs from from the late 90s with a 37 key midi controller with no knobs.

So as shit got way tooooo big and more programs starting coming I snuffed out a new PC that could handle the shit I was doing. Money was a factor so I built one and slapped the old sound card in. That fucking sound card for a mere 200$ busted its ass and finally crapped out on me a year ago. So yeah, that card kept on for 9 years and two computers. I am still pleased with the old lass and what an investment.

My recording space:  YA WORK WITH WHAT YOU GOT! RIGHT!



April 13, 2010


April 13, 2010

I grew up southern baptist. My uncle had a funeral service one week ago in a one room baptist church in the Appalachian mountains where he was raised. The feeble preacher was babbling during the whole service. At one point he quoted the same verse from the bible 3 times. Me and my old man afterwords discussed the preaching. Before this thing even started we instructed him NO PREACHING. When he started up into the brim and fire stone hell that awaits us. . . my old man and me thought to ourselves, dear Jesus here it comes. Thank God he only went on with that for about three sentences.

He was a badass, my Uncle not the preacher.